I-House Fridge Lockers

Fridge Lockers im International House in Chicago

… oder: wenn Ideale an der Realität scheitern. (Ohne Worte.)

Auszug aus dem Mission Statement des International House at the University of Chicago:

The mission of International House is to promote cross-cultural understanding, mutual respect and friendship among students and scholars and on the part of the people of metropolitan Chicago toward individuals of all nations and backgrounds.

Auszug aus der E-Mail des Directors des I-House, Bill McCartney, vom 4. Dezember 2008:

Kitchen Thefts:
There has been an increase in complaints from residents of thefts from their locked and unlocked freezer and cooler lockers in recent weeks. Please be more considerate of each other than this. As a community we must act as a unified group to encourage trust and cooperation in order to maintain the ideals of I-house. Taking what does not rightfully belong to you does not fit within this view of life in International House. Should we find a resident taking items that do not belong to them, no matter how insignificant, we would view this as one of our most serious violations of the trust of being a community member. As such, an individual could face removal from the House in addition to other legal actions.

Auszug aus der E-Mail von Bill McCartney vom 23. Januar 2009:

Theft Problem in Kitchen:
We continue to receive complaints from residents that items are being stolen from the refrigerator and freezer areas. There is little that we can do to prevent this from a management standpoint. We are investigating the placement of a camera that will pay greater attention to these areas. If this is feasible given the economic considerations involved in the installation; we will move in this direction.


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